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Going on a boat trip in Dubai is one of the best ways to not only admire the city, but also to explore the beautiful emerald waters of the Arabian Peninsula. As a coastal city, Dubai contains almost every type of floating vessel imaginable- anything from luxury yachts to fishing dhows can be found. With so many different types of boats to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is the best boat trip to go on. There are a few things to think about before you book a boat trip. During your trip to Dubai, you don't want to waste your limited free time on a disappointing experience. To help you choose a boat trip, this quick guide provides some tips on what to consider before you book a boat trip in Dubai. Type Of Boat   Once you know where

Usually, yes- with one exception! Water sports and boating are very popular in Dubai. With plenty of options to choose from, this coastal city attracts all kinds of sea lovers looking for their next adventure. With a variety of yachts, jet-skis, boats and other water sports sharing the sea, there are laws to regulate and enforce strict safety measures. The waters of Dubai are patrolled daily by the FTA (Federal Transport Authority), Coastguards and Dubai Maritime Police and in order to drive your own boat, you are required to obtain a boat license with one exception: the HERO OdySEA self-drive boats. Usually, to Captain your own boat you are required to carry a boat license with you at all times out on the water. If the authorities encounter a vessel with an unlicensed captain on board, the starting fine is AED5000 and

Are you looking for tours in Dubai with a difference? Sick of the same tourist traps, well-trodden paths and gimmicky entertainment? We have put together a collection of some of our favorite activities in Dubai below. A BOAT TOUR IN DUBAI WHERE YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN Dubai is built along the coast and it means that some of its most famous landmarks are best viewed from the sea. Step out of the ordinary and take a guided tour of Dubai’s iconic coastline with Dubai’s only self-drive boat tour. Take the controls and have fun being the Captain of a HERO boat reaching speeds up to 60km/h! HERO boats are not only the best way to get on the water in Dubai, they are very safe as you can’t tip them over! It is easy to drive and is a great activity for

We are often asked if there are turtles off the coast of Dubai and if you might spot one on one of our HERO self-drive boat tours. Yes, there are turtles in Dubai and we have a little adventure to share with you regarding a turtle. A few weeks ago, the HERO team were off on a mission to scope out new areas for fun and exciting tours. What they discovered was a unique experience that will stay with each of them for the rest of their lives. Just after leaving the Jebel Ali shipping port and heading North-East towards JBR and the Palm, the team noticed an unusual amount of large debris in the water made up of pieces of wood and plastic. While pushing onwards with a keen eye for these types of hazards, one of the HERO Guides