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$123 / Single Rider

$161 / Double Rider


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$161 / Single Rider

$215 / Double Rider


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$161 / Single Rider

$215 / Double Rider



Choose Your Boat Tour

Dubai Signature Boat Tour

Are you looking for a fun way to explore Dubai’s coastline? Drive your own boat with Dubai’s leading water-sport and only self-drive boat tour. Discover the famous landmarks and conquer the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai Sunset Boat Tour

As the sun sets over the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf, experience what it’s like to Captain your own boat on a 60-minute guided adventure of Dubai’s iconic coastline.

Dubai Blast Boat Tour

Enjoy the thrill of driving your own nifty HERO boat along Dubai’s iconic coastline on this 45-minute adventure.

Dubai Residents Special

Explore Dubai’s iconic coastline from a new perspective on a HERO OdySea Boat Tour with our UAE Residents Special.