Dubai Blast Boat Tour


Experience the thrill of driving your own boat on one of Dubai’s most popular watersports! On this 45-minute HERO OdySea Blast Boat Tour take the adventure into your own hands and make the most of Dubai’s amazing weather! With no boat license or previous experience required, reach speeds up to 50km/h on this exhilarating guided boat tour. HERO OdySea is the only boat experience in Dubai that allows you to take the adventure into your own hands to explore Dubai’s iconic coastline from the ocean. Get up close to the famous Burj Al Arab for fantastic photo opportunities and admire the Downtown Dubai skyline from a new perspective as you venture at full speeds on a HERO boat. The HERO OdySea Blast Boat Tour is fun, fast and provides the feeling of ultimate freedom!

The Experience

Arrive at HERO HQ at Fishing Harbor 2 in Umm Suqeim for a quick safety briefing and introduction to the adventure. The HERO boats are professionally designed with practicality and aesthetic in mind offering the perfect combination of fun and safety on the ocean. These 12ft inflatable boats are untippable, incredible easy to drive and are the only boats in Dubai that you do not require a boat license to drive.

15-minute briefing and welcoming

Check-in Seating area

Our Guide will make sure that you are completely comfortable on the HERO boats before leaving the marina. Inside the marina you will get a chance to familiarise yourself with driving the boats before adventuring out on the open water. As you make your way out of the marina you will get a chance to admire range of different boats including traditional fishing dhows known as “lanshs.”

Fun orientation in the marina

HERO Odysea Boat Tour Dubai Drone Shots HERO Marina Clean Up

Feel the thrill of this unique boat experience as you exit the marina and venture along Dubai’s iconic and lively beaches like Kite Beach and Jumeirah Beach. Reach speeds up to 50 km/h as your Captain your HERO boat through Dubai’s ocean. You might be lucky to spot some marine life like jelly fish and turtles along the way. Race each other along the coastline and feel the wind in your hair on this empowering experience.

Reach speeds up to 50km/h as you Captain your own boat

HERO OdySEA self-drive boat tour

A highlight of this boat experience is the quick stop along the way at one of Dubai’s most famous hotels, Burj Al Arab. Admired for its unique sail-shaped silhouette and innovative location on man-made land jutting out off the coastline, Burj Al Arab’s fame is similar to London’s Big Ben or Paris’s Eifel Tower. Known for its exclusivity and high-profile guests, the best way to view Burj Al Arab is from the ocean. Drive up close to the famous landmark to get impressive views and amazing photo opportunities with the modern-day masterpiece. Your Guide will also share some lesser-known facts and anecdotes about the world’s-only 7-star hotel.

Get amazing photo opportunities with Burj Al Arab

HERO OdySEA self-drive sunset boat tourHERO-OdySea-Boat-Tour-Burj-Al-Arab

Head back to the marina and feel like a real superhero on a mission as you race towards one of the world’s most iconic skylines – Downtown Dubai. Since Dubai’s modern skyscrapers have been built up along the coastline, the best way to see most of the city is by boat. Most days in Dubai offer blue skies and sunshine; on these abundant clear days with an activity like HERO OdySea, panoramic views of the vibrant city and its ocean are guaranteed.

Panoramic views of modern Dubai

HERO OdySea Boat Tour Downtown HERO OdySea Drone Shots

Blast map
  • No boat license is required.
  • Dress Code: Comfortable, Beach Wear
  • Sunscreen and water is provided but guests are welcome to bring their own.
  • Sun glasses are recommended.
  • Guests are asked to arrive 15 minutes before tour time.
  • Tour lasts 45 minutes on the water (1 hour total)
  • Drivers must be over 18 years old.
  • Children over 6 years old can ride as passengers.
  • Passengers over the age of 18 can take turns driving the boat.
  • Maximum 2 people per boat.
  • Hotel transfers are not provided.
  • 1 time slot is available daily. (12:30 pm)
  • Walk in bookings are accepted subject to availability.
  • Due to health concerns, pregnant women are not permitted.
  • An inflatable safety vest is provided to all guests during the safety briefing.
Price Per Boat
Departure/Return Location
TIME: 12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Return Time