Signature Self–Drive Boat Tour

This boat tour was designed for the adventurous types who prefer to sightsee Dubai’s iconic coastline in a more exhilarating way. Reach speeds up to 50km/h on this fun and safe boating adventure. This 90-minute guided tour gives you the opportunity to take control of your travel experience and Captain your own boat. Stop along the way and get some perfect snaps of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. As fun as a jetski but safer, the untippable HERO boats are for the whole family. The idea is to become a hero, conquer the ocean and be the master of your own vessel!

Hero OdySEA


2 Hours total
90 minutes on the water

Hero OdySEA

Meeting Times

Morning Tour: 8:30am and 10:30 am
Afternoon Tour: 2:30pm

Hero OdySEA


Single rider: AED 690
Double riders: AED 790

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Tour Itinerary

Highlights Of Your Journey

Meeting and Checkin

Our meeting point is the Old Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, the first of many icons of Dubai. Upon your arrival at the HERO HQ, you’ll be welcomed by our enthusiastic staff.

Your first HERO experience is a genuine heritage encounter where you will be introduced to a rustic and thriving fishing village. Observe a living example of Dubai’s ancient trade and cultural roots first-hand. Get a glimpse of traditional fishing methods, fishermen repairing fishing nets and a colourful fish market. See a diverse assortment of fishing boats including the authentic fishing dhows known as “Lanshs” returning with their catch. The scene will be set for a close-up of Dubai’s traditional lifeblood for its communities by the sea.

Highlight: Cultural awareness and knowledge


Introduction and Safety Briefing

HERO staff will outfit you with the latest boating safety equipment followed by a quick and entertaining operational briefing. They will provide you with all the information necessary for you to have a safe and enjoyable adventure at sea.

Once assigned to your own user-friendly HERO boat, you will perform a few supervised test spins before following your Guide onto the stage of your expedition; the great blue waters of the Dubai coastline

Highlight: Fun orientation


The Adventure Begins The Dubai Beach Cruise

As you follow your Guide out of the Fishing Harbour and along the coastline, you’ll safely maneuver parallel to the iconic Kite Beach. This long, pristine stretch of white sand is a chic and trendy beach where families, singles and international jetsetters flock for a taste of the Hollywood lifestyle amid a variety of food trucks and cafes. Observe a montage of activities including kite surfing, beach tennis, beach volleyball, and kayaking. A beautiful mosque creates a uniquely Middle Eastern backdrop to this captivating location.

After taking in these extravagant surroundings, you will scout your next location – the world famous Burj Al Arab.

Highlight: Chic and trendy Kite Beach


The Burj Al Arab, the Region’s Most Famous Landmark

Standing on a triangular man-made island with its distinctive sail-shaped silhouette, it has become an iconic symbol and statement of modern Dubai, similar to Paris’s Eiffel tower or London’s Big Ben.

Often voted the world’s most luxurious hotel and known as “the world’s only seven-star hotel”, it is actually the third tallest hotel in the world. Normally not accessible to the public, your waterfront view will mean you will have the best point of view for the ultimate selfie or Instagram post, perfectly framed.

Perhaps you will capture a glimpse of a helicopter landing on its roof-top helipad or a celebrity sunning themselves on the terrace of the exclusive resort beach club.

Highlight: The world’s only 7-star hotel


Logo Island

View one of the two identical private islands built in the shape of a palm leaf sit beside the trunk of the incredible Palm Jumeirah. Occasionally, home to the Ruler of Dubai’s US$400 million 524 foot private yacht named Dubai, the lush tropical island marks the end of an incredible stretch of Dubai coastline, lined with mansions and Royal Palaces.

Highlight: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


The Palm Jumeirah A Wonder of the World

Originally built as the Eighth Wonder of the World, cruise along the northern side of this artificial archipelago situated in the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. With its extravagant five star resorts perched on its fronds, we’ll catch a glimpse of its core as we pause at the gateway. A wide angle view of the luxurious villas inside, breathing an air of luxury and elegance await you. Your guide will reveal its secrets, anecdotes and stories about what it took to build this stunning creation.

Highlight: One of the World’s largest man-made islands


The legend of Atlantis comes to life in front of your eyes

The lavish marine-themed resort is the iconic crown jewel of The Palm Jumeirah and combines luxury with a whole host of unique attractions that live up to its myth. It was the first resort to be built on the island, themed on the myth of Atlantis inspired by the ocean and its wondrous marine life. It majestically stands on the Palm crescent with all its fairytale magic, stunning views – and continues to enchant as it offers you some of the best photo opportunities in Dubai.

Highlight: First resort built on The Palm


The way home

With the breathtaking backdrop of Palm Island, we press forward into the picturesque skyline of Dubai. We ride open engines up as we face a global view of this fabulous modern metropolis with Burj Khalifa that dominates the skyscraper-filled horizon. You will feel an epitome of fun, energy and freedom as we jaunt across the Arabian sea to its shore for the final scene back to base.

You will now forever be a Hero waiting for your next sequel filled with stories to post and share, an adventure beyond a movie script that will surely be a box office hit on your social media.

Highlight: Life is a route you take to be a Hero!


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